Olympic Crush: Italian boxer Clemente Russo

It must be hard to be as handsome as Clemente Russo and be a boxer. How can someone so good looking manage to maintain his pretty-boy face when he's relentlessly getting punched?

The 29-year-old Italian Olympian is making headlines not only for recently signing a 5-year deal with AIBA Professional Boxing but also for his chiseled physique.

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Russo has the typical heavyweight boxer muscular body, but it's his face that stands out. If he ever wants to quit boxing, he can have a career on the pages of GQ or as a cover model for women's romance novels.

And while he may not be posing as Christian Grey for the cover Fifty Shades of Grey, he is starting an acting career. In 2011 he starred in his first film, "Tatanka." He portrayed himself as a young boxer growing up in the Neopolitan mob heartland.

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But this acting stint was not the end of his boxing career. He won gold in the heavyweight category at the 2007 World Amateur Championships and in 2012 he won the World Series of Boxing with twelve consecutive victories.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics Russo lost the gold to Russia's Rakhim Chakkhiev. While he still took home the silver medal, he's back in London in hopes of climbing to the top of the medal podium.

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