Frozen medal stand: Lady Gaga and figure skaters, sisters in sequins

Lady Gaga or figure skater? With the amount of bedazzling involved in their costumes, it can be hard to tell. Hint: the above is Miki Ando, a Japanese figure skater. (Celebuzz)

A promotional video using footage from the Nazi-influenced film "Olympia" was withdrawn by the Vancouver Olympics organizers. The better idea would have been to never use the footage at all. (New York Times)

Julia Mancuso -- the skier who organized the bib auction to benefit Haiti -- is looking to rebound after an injury-filled four years between Olympics. (Washington Post)

Kevin Pearce, the snowboarder who sustained brain injuries while practicing on the halfpipe, has been transferred to hospital in Denver that specializes in brain injuries. Pearce is said to be making excellent strides. (USA Today)

American figure skater Evan Lysacek, who is confident and ready heading into the Olympics, will appear on the Jay Leno show tonight. (NBC)

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