Fourth-Place Medal's most popular posts in 2014

Fourth-Place Medal's most popular posts in 2014

The world descended upon Sochi, Russia this year and Fourth-Place Medal was there to cover it all — from Shaun White's flameout to the ice dancing rivalry to all the craziness that a Vladimir Putin-led Games produced. Here are the most-clicked posts on Fourth-Place Medal this year.

1. Racy photos of Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun cause a stir in her native Lebanon (Feb. 12) Topless pictures of the Lebanese skier raised a ruckus back home, but Chamoun received plenty of public support and a government investigation was halted. She finished 47th in the slalom.

2. Woman who lit the Olympic flame sent a racist tweet about Barack Obama last year (Feb. 7) Global politics were front and center from the minute that Vladimir Putin was awarded these Games and they remained there as one of the cauldron-lighters was called out for sending out a racist tweet about the American president in 2013.

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3. Paralympian Josh Sundquist remains the king of Halloween costumes (Oct. 28) World's best sense of humor? Sundquist might have a claim to it after this year's World Cup-themed Halloween costume.

4. Adelina Sotnikova hugs judge moments after winning gold (Feb. 23) There's nothing the Olympic crowd likes more than a good figure skating controversy and Sotnikova sparked a big one after hugging a judge following her gold medal-winning performance. The exchange was viewed extra suspiciously in Korea, where national favorite Yuna Kim returned with only a silver medal.

5. Does anyone want to host the 2022 Winter Olympics? (May 27) Are countries finally getting smart about the boondoggle that hosting an Olympics acutally represents? It seems that way. Poland, Sweden and Norway all withdrew bids for the 2022 games, leaving only Kazakhastan (Almaty) and China (Beijing).

6. Brazilian gymnast turned freestyle skier cannot move arms or legs after training accident (Jan. 29) Our Sochi coverage started off with tragic news as Lais Souza was paralyzed after hitting a tree while skiing. She later moved to Miami where she learned to use an electric wheelchair.

7. Snowboarder breaks helmet after nasty fall (Feb. 9) Everyone's immediate reaction: "Ouch."

8. America's silver podium jackets have a special surprise inside
(Feb. 11) Spolier alert: It was a message that said "This is your moment."

9. Just weeks after Olympics, Sochi is already a ghost town (March 27) The pictures of an empty Olympic village came as a surprise to no one, but we all wanted to see it anyway.

10. Vladimir Putin is totally not upset about disallowed Russia goal, casually shames team (Feb. 18) The United States' shootout victory over Russian in hockey remained a hot topic of conversation long after TJ Oshie buried his final goal.

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19. Russia gives all its gold medalists $120,000, a new Mercedes (Feb. 27)
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