Watch trailer for EPIX’s Road To The NHL Winter Classic (RIP, ‘24/7’)

As you know, the NHL moved its reality show franchise from HBO to EPIX, a.k.a. the network that is playing “Marvel’s The Avengers” but you don’t subscribe to it so instead you’re looking at the black screen with the phone number on it instead.

EPIX and the NHL dropped the trailer for the new series, “EPIX Presents Road To The NHL Winter Classic,” which will debut on Dec. 16 at 10 p.m. ET and will run for the following three Tuesdays. It’ll feature the Washington Capitals (doing their second tour in this franchise, sadly Boudreau-less) and the Chicago Blackhawks, as the world awaits the arrival of Patrick Kane in an unfiltered environment.

The second series, “EPIX Presents Road To The NHL Stadium Series,” debuts on Feb. 3 and will run for the next three Tuesdays. That’s the show that features the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings, a.k.a. the one you’d really rather watch.

Remember: You’re going to be able to see these shows in a variety of ways.

  • Online at and

  • Via the EPIX and NHL Facebook pages

  • Via the official app of the NHL available on Android and iOS

  • Via the official EPIX App on Android, iOS, XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, Roku and Windows 8

And EPIX is also going to do a free trial that’ll allow viewers to see it, too.

So make sure you check it out, if only to see if that glorious snow-covered CGI version of Nationals Park makes another appearance, as it’ll probably be 55 and rainy for the actual game.