Watch Leafs’ Bernier surrender game-winning goal on truly embarrassing misplay (Video)

James Reimer was supposed to tend goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs in their game Thursday night versus the Carolina Hurricanes, and he did, for all of 32 seconds. And then he was run into by teammate Josh Leivo, and left the game with a headache. That's not good.

Considering the near-flawless way Jonathan Bernier has played to start the season though, nobody much minded the unexpected goaltending change. That is, until Bernier surrendered the game-winning goal on one of the worst puck misplays of the early season:

Yeah. Bet you're glad Nonis wouldn't listen to a Reimer for Yakupov trade now, aren't ya? That is ugly.

The Leafs weren't pleased with the goal, in part because they wrongly thought the play should have been blown dead for icing (it shouldn't have, because a Hurricane was going to win the puck race if Bernier didn't play it), but mainly because it's just about the suckiest way to surrender a game-winner. After the puck comes off the boards, Bernier intends to play it, only to whiff on it and it see it deflect off his skate and into the net.

Don't feel too bad, Bernier. This stuff happens to Toronto goalies. It's been worse. Much worse.

"The hockey gods got back at us,” Randy Carlyle said after the game. Makes sense. They've been very generous to Toronto early this season.

Ron Hainsey was credited with the goal, because of his veteran leadership, and Cam Ward earned an assist on the play, because why the Hell not.