Watch 9-year-old girl win center ice goal contest, like a boss (Video)

The contest goes by many names: “Score-O” or “Shoot The Puck” or “Fan Shootout.” It’s that intermission gimmick during hockey games in which fans attempt to fire a puck from center ice through a small slot in a board that’s placed in front of the net.

You’ve no doubt seen many adults clumsily flub their attempts, receiving jeers from the heartless crowd. They should take a lesson from 9-year-old Karleigh Nalette, who recently showed them how it’s done.

Karleigh is from Fort Mill, South Carolina, and attended the Charlotte Checkers’ home game on March 27. (The Checkers are the Carolina Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate.) She got the chance to participate in the Killingsworth Komfort Air shootout between periods and, for what it's worth, she killed it.

Seriously, what a stone cold sniper: Shoots lefty, probably calls “bank,” scored the goal, walks away. No crazy celebration, no first pumps, not leaping up and down. Totally “act like you’ve been there” attitude.

But here’s the kicker: No one’s ever been there before for the Checkers.

In the two years they’ve run this promotion, 9-year-old Karleigh Nalette is the first fan to actually score a goal through the little hole in the big board. Incredible.

What did she win? A new iPhone 6. So not only does she have a better shot than all the adults that ever participated in this contest, she probably has a better phone, too.