Vancouver Green Men respond to Don Cherry in Game 1

When The Green Men, the Vancouver Canucks fans-turned-penalty box jesters, mocked Carrie Underwood during the Canucks' semifinal series against her husband's Nashville Predators, venerable CBC commentator Don Cherry said they needed more "class."

They obviously took Grapes' advice to heart, throwing on a couple of Cherry-like blazers as Douglas Murray sat in the penalty box for the San Jose Sharks.

Cherry's comments on the Green Men mocking Mike Fisher's wife, as a refresher:

"The Green guys, they were funny at the time. And I liked'em. I really did. But when you get personal. When you get personal, with wives and stuff like that, then this is no good. This should never be."

All we can say is: Thank goodness for the boards. We really didn't need to see the rest of Don Cherry in green spandex. Check out this CBC interview with the Green Men in which they discuss the Sharks and Cherry, saying they pull off the suit better than he can.