Tuukka Rask faces cannon fire at insane Finland all-star game (Video)

Niko Åkerlund
Niko Åkerlund

Other goalies might reconsider their profession if tasked with stopping a shot fired from a military cannon at the blue line.

Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins, however, has shared practice ice with Zdeno Chara for several seasons. So … same [poop], different continent, we imagine.

Rask played in a charity game back in his native Finland on Saturday, as the Mansester Broilers and the Pietarinkadun Oilers joined NHL players, Finnish hockey luminaries (Jyrki Lumme sighting!) and celebrities for the event.

We’ll get to how absolutely insane that all-star game was in a moment; first, here’s an amuse bouche before the full meal of crazy, as Tuukka Rask stops a shot from a cannon:

In a related story, Rask was 1-0-0 with a .963 save percentage vs. the Columbus Blue Jackets last season ...

OK, it should probably be more “stops” than stops, because it’s clear that some Michael Bay level pyrotechnics were employed here. And by that we mean that although we’re not physicists, we’re pretty sure Rask’s glove shouldn’t catch fire before the cannon fodder theoretically reaches him. 

The rest of the evening plays out like someone on hallucinogenics attempting to describe a hockey game.

Like the guy who tried to score on a goalie with tennis balls:


And the guys who dressed up as the Hanson Brothers, complete with "HANSON" nameplates. ("Slapshot" is indeed the universal lanaguage.)

And the time they had a motocross race around the rink …

… and one of the bikers jumped over a dude at center ice.

The players served coffee to each other and to fans during the game.


And, finally, there were the Ice Boys.


Yes … the Ice Boys.

Something for the ladies and no doubt a few fellas:

Take note, NHL: That’s equal opportunity employment in your eye-candy department.

s/t Eye On Hockey; lead image via Niko Åkerlund.

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