Tom Sestito has some thoughts on Ferguson

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Tom Sestito is forward for the Vancouver Canucks. On Monday night, like so many of us, he had opinions about the decision by a grand jury not to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, as well as the civil unrest in the community that followed. 

So he went on Twitter.

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UM, UH, UH, UM...

***Hits Delete***

***Hits Delete Again, Just To Be Sure***

Alas, a Twitter user named Shoemosher managed to snag an image of that opinion before Sestito made it disappear. 

Here's their interaction, followed by some other tweets about Ferguson fron Sestito (not chronological).  

Now, you might be one of those people who believes that spotlighting this will cause pro athletes to clam up and not say anything interesting, and of course you'd be wrong. But what we hope it does is remind athletes that, just like the rest of us, it's not cool to delete your tweets. But to his credit, Sestito didn't claim he was hacked. 

Or you might be one of those people who are saying "WHY IS THIS NEWS?!" to which we'd say that Sestito would have been quoted by every publication in existence had he said this in an NHL dressing room. But more to the point, it's news because irony is a thing:


We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Bobby Ryan of the Ottawa Senators, whose team is in St. Louis now, also tweeted about the protests and hoping they wouldn't disturb his nap.

He woke up to find hundreds of people mocking him for being an oblivious white male sleeping on a bed of privilage, for which he apologized. 

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