Pass or Fail: The new logos for the Nashville Predators

Ryan Porth of Smashville 24/7 published these new Nashville Predators logos that were shown to bloggers at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The team is debuting new home and away jerseys this summer, with the white roadie making its debut at the NHL draft on Friday night.

The "NP" logo on the bottom left was already leaked via a mask designed for Pekka Rinne. We still fear the Photoshop fodder it provides. ("No Playoffs" comes to mind.)

Jeremy K. Gover of Section 303 had the lowdown on what, exactly, all these logos mean and how they compare to the team's old logo (shown on the right).

The SECONDARY LOGO. This will replace the skull shoulder patch on the current sweaters. The idea is, obviously, the three stars of the Tennessee flag and a guitar pick-shaped outer design. Pretty awesome.

The ABBREVIATED MARK logo. This will not only be seen on Pekke Rinne's new mask but also on the pant legs of all Preds next season.

The WORD MARK is just the "Nashville Predators" written out with the same color scheme as the logo (obviously) and with a slight font change.

The PRIMARY LOGO is pretty self explanatory. It's the same basic logo but without all of the random colors in the original. This one is down to three. The indigo blue (?), the gold and the white. Nothing more.

So, essentially, it's a little cheaper to produce, too. More from the Predators on the guitar pick logo:

In addition to the team logo, the Preds also unveiled a new secondary logo designed to represent the Tennessee state flag and Nashville's music city heritage. The guitar pick shape recognizes the Music City heritage and influence, while the three stars signify the East, Middle and Western parts of the state in similar shape and design as the state flag.

Obviously, we're all interested in seeing how these bad boys look on a sweater, but based on these designs, what say you?

Pass or Fail: The new Nashville Predators logos.

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