NHL has warned 22 players for diving in 2014-15

This week, James Neal of the Nashville Predators became the first player in the NHL to be fined under the new diving punishment standards. He was given a warning, then was given a $2,000 fine and a heaping spoonful of public shame.

The question is: How many other NHL players have been warned on diving, and are set up for a potential fine?

According to Damien Cox of Sportsnet, there are 22 players that have receiving a warning about diving this season.

Cox explained the procedure for the NHL in ruling on diving:

“Here’s how it works: Every Monday morning, they all get together. Nine voters in all, some from player ops, some from hockey ops, and they look at these videos. You need six of them to say ‘yeah, that’s diving’ before you issue a warning or in Neal’s case, a fine.”

There’s been some controversy over whether these warnings should be made public, but the NHL believes that players knowing it will be revealed if they’re fined puts just a little more pressure on them not to dive.

Here’s a reminder of the escalating scale for diving. We’re still hoping Neal has a few more in him so we can witness Peter Laviolette discuss having to pay a fine for his player diving more than Ed Harris in "The Abyss." For that would be a very, very entertaining day.