Jeff Skinner bestows jersey upon Taylor Swift, ignoring NHL curse (Photo)

Carolina Hurricanes star Jeff Skinner is someone who proudly promotes the game to new fans. He’s also an avowed Taylor Swift fan. So, given the opportunity to “grow the game … one person at a time,” Skinner proudly gave her his hockey jersey. And by proudly we mean completely naïve to the potential ramifications of doing so.

In a related story, Taylor Swift released a new track detailing how she felt receiving a hockey jersey was true love until she found out it was a replica and she’s lying on the cold hard ground and boo-hoo.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Kayne West bum-rushed the stage and proclaimed he'd let her finish but the Hartford Whalers were the best team of all-time.

The previously mentioned ramifications for Jeff Skinner are, in fact, a part of Taylor Swift hockey lore.

In 2009, members of the Pittsburgh Penguins gave her a “SWIFT 09” jersey. Those members were Max Talbot, Jordan Staal, Alex Goligoski and Tyler Kennedy. Four years later, all four were ex-Penguins, disappearing from the photo like the McFly family as Ms. Swift clutches her sweater.

She also attended a Los Angeles Kings game in 2009. They missed the playoffs.

She revealed the Nashville Predators third jerseys in 2009. They were eliminated in the first round.

She once wore a Leafs jersey. They haven’t won the Cup since 1967 …

Case closed.