Jaromir Jagr’s weird, cryptic Facebook video: Sees NHL future as ‘black’

From the mullet to the commercials to the way he can’t keep a straight face during playoff intros, Jaromir Jagr is a quirky dude.

Exhibit Q: Jagr’s latest Facebook video, in which the former Boston Bruins star looks like someone Skyping from “Celebrity Rehab”, with tussled hair and gigantic sunglasses. He's basically Amanda Bynes, but with 681 more career goals.

(We’d be worried that Jagr was on a bender or something, but we didn’t hear any slot machines in the background, so we’ll assume he’s golden.)

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The general point of this latest Czech-language message? According to Sport.cz, Jagr told his fans that his hockey future could be revealed on Wednesday, and added this cryptic note:

“As for my next job here in the NHL, I have to say that I see a lot of black," Jagr sent a message via video while pointing at the black glasses.

So does that mean he sees his future in the NHL as black as in "bleak"; or are we to take this literally that Jagr will be wearing black next season?

If so, that would narrow it down to eight teams (via the NHL Uniform Database), if you include third jerseys.

Like, for example, this one:

Watch Jagr's video here on Facebook.


UPDATE -- Reader John Parsons Czechs, er, checks in: "My business partner (From the Czech) just emailed me the cliff notes version and it said the following: 'He said that he does not think he will play next year in the NHL, and tomorrow he will post an update and explain his decision.'"

Take that as you will.