Jack Eichel fitted for Sabres shirt, awkwardness ensues (Video)

IIHF / Twitter

It’s been almost a month since the NHL Draft Lottery and we all now know that Connor McDavid will be going No. 1 to Edmonton and Jack Eichel No. 2 to the Buffalo Sabres. Peter Chiarelli and Tim Murray aren’t trading out of those spots and no teams have offered an Eric Lindros-type package their way…yet.

So with that in mind, IIHF reporter Olga Khmylev sat down with Eichel in Prague during the World Championships and wanted to see what a Sabres shirt would look like on the top prospect. The Tweet sent out by the IIHF has since been deleted, but nothing ever disappears from the Internet.

Via (click photo for video to show):

(What’s with the Roll Tide hat, Jack?)

Olga Khmylev is not only doing work for the IIHF during the Worlds but is also Academy of Hockey Program Manager for the Terry Pegula-owned HARBORCENTER in Buffalo.

So, who was that man that pulled the Sabres shirt away so quickly?

Olga wasn’t budging when asked on Twitter, but our theory is that it was Khmylev’s dad, Yuri. You’ve got the Russian accent and it kind of looks like an older version of the former NHL forward from the side.

Oh, and did we mention Yuri Khmylev has been an amateur scout for the Sabres for over a decade? Hockey players truly are superstitious.

We haven't been able to find any recent photos of Yuri, so we'll just have to wonder who that mystery man is.

UPDATE: OK, maybe it's not Yuri Khmylev. And maybe the mystery man is Italian. Oh, well.

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