Hershey Bears honor the big day, Groundhog Day, with special-edition cartoon jerseys (Photo)

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It is the Sunday everyone has been waiting for, the day we've been building towards since the beginning of fall. Crowds have gathered to watch all over country. What will the weather be like? Will there be a clutch performance from the tiny little rodent?

Not Wes Welker -- the groundhog. Because it's also Groundhog Day. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT FOOTBALL TODAY.

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The AHL's Hershey Bears, for instance, are celebrating Groundhog Day, when groundhogs all over the world emerge from their burrows and either go back in or don't and we attribute vast universal significance to this, with some pretty excellent special edition uniforms, and I say uniforms instead of sweaters because these outfits are so much more than just the sweaters.

The delightfully cartoonish groundhog doesn't just makes appearances on the front and back of the jersey. He's on the socks too. Look at those socks. Look!

via @Kyle_Mace.

All socks should have cartoon characters on them. Just like Band-Aids. And pajamas.

If you have to have one, and why wouldn't you, the Groundhog Day Jerseys will be available for auction through MeiGray starting on Friday, February 7, at 6 p.m. ET.

Anyway. Here's hoping the Bears win the game, because if they don't, they wake up this morning and have to do it again.

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