Goalie fail: Assumes delayed penalty, watches goal scored into empty net (VIDEO)

Tommi Virtanen, 22, is a goalie for TuTo of the Finland2 league. He's also rather presumptuous or, at the very least, easily confused.

Down 3-0 in a playoff game against Vaasan Sport on Saturday, Virtanen raced to the bench on a delayed penalty … only there wasn't a penalty called. He was just climbing back over the boards when Mika Halava scored into a vacated net. Whoops:

Hey, if you're going to give up a goal, might as well have a nice view of it ...

That's captain Antti Virtanen among those giving the death stare to the TuTo bench at the end of the play. (We'll just go ahead and wager he's an older relation to Tommi Virtanen, unless Virtanen is like "Smith" in Finland.) TuTo lost the game, 7-1.

As much as we want to point and giggle at Tommi Virtanen ... how on earth do the TuTo bench and the players on the ice allow this to happen? Were they all just dumbstruck by the whole ordeal?