Giant Obama Head alert: Capitals fans are trolling Tim Thomas with White House stuff (PHOTOS)

On Monday, we told you about a coordinated effort by Washington Capitals bloggers to give power to the people: Putting a multitude of signs and masks in their hands in order to taunt Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

Thomas, of course, made headlines when he decided not to attend a White House celebration of the team's Stanley Cup championship for political reasons. While the Bruins treat it as a dead issue, Capitals fans were more happy to dredge it up for comedic purposes.

Steve Whyno of the Washington Times spoke with some of the responsible parties:

"We've taken a story that already existed and kind of rekindled it, fired it back to life," said Kevin Klein of the Sick, Unbelievable blog. "I think in Tim Thomas' head, it was already there. He knew that coming to Washington after he had made his own political statement, it was going to be a big deal."

If Thomas wasn't thinking about it, he certainly saw during pregame warm-ups as several fans brought home-made signs and some printed from the Russian Machine Never Breaks and Brooks Laich Year blogs.

"What did Wayne Gretzky say? You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. This was too much of an opportunity to pass up," said Mike Holden, 37, of Rockville. "We had Timmy coming to town, and he wants this issue to go away, and we figured we'd put it right in his face."

Take a gander at some of the Obama-centric fan taunts around the rink during warm-ups, as well as some other Capitals fan signs.

We're especially fond of the "HOPE YOU GET PULLED" sign from Russian Machine.

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