A Festivus miracle! Binghamton Senators honor 'Seinfeld' holiday

Festivus, the popular created holiday from the show "Seinfeld," has lived in pop culture glory for over a decade now. Fans of the show hold their own Festivus parties, complete with aluminum pole instead of a decorated tree (tinsel is distracting), the "Airing of Grievances" and finally, the always fun "Feats of Strength."

On Saturday night, the AHL's Binghamton Senators honored the sacred holiday of Festivus by wearing these special jerseys during their game against the Charlotte Checkers. Fans were able to get their hands on one through a postgame auction. We're not sure if winning bids were donated to the Human Fund or not. Also, no word on what kind of grievances Binghamton coach Kurt Kleinendorst aired after the Senators' 4-2 loss, and the game featured zero feats of strength, er, fighting majors.

For the jersey hound out there, this Derek Smith(notes) jersey can be yours for the low, low price of $500!

The Senator holding the aluminum pole in the logo and the pole along the right-side on the back is a nice touch by the team. If we had our way, we would have swapped out the Senator for a picture of Frank Costanza.

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