Fans celebrate Rene Bourque's hat trick by tossing hats on his parents' lawn (Photo)

Rene Bourque showed up Tuesday night and netted a hat trick as the Montreal Canadiens staved off elimination in Game 5 and defeated the New York Rangers 7-4. As is hockey tradition, after Bourque’s third goal Canadiens fans tossed their hats to the ice at Bell Centre.

But the hat trick celebrations didn’t end there; they made their way almost 2,500 miles west of Montreal, too.

In his hometown of Lac La Biche, Alberta, some Bourque fans decided to part with their hats by leaving them on his parents' lawn:

This isn’t the first time fans celebrated a hat trick like this. Please recall when Brent Burns scored three times against the St. Louis Blues back in November, he returned home to find San Jose Sharks fans had tossed their lids into his driveway.

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This should be a regular thing now. If a Ranger scores a hat trick, fans should leave a pile of Broadway Hats outside their building in New York City. For the Blackhawks, pans of Lou Malnati's. And for the Kings, celebrity has-beens that still get unbelievable seats at playoff games.

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