Erik Karlsson nearly injures Henrik Lundqvist, apologizes 500 times

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SOCHI, Russia – It happened in a flash near the end of Team Sweden practice; and in a flash, their gold medal hopes were nearly dashed, as goalie Henrik Lundqvist appeared to be injured.

Teammate Erik Karlsson wrecked into Lundqvist after chasing Loui Eriksson on a breakaway. He barreled into the goalie, sending Lundqvist on his back and silencing the training rink at Bolshoy Ice Dome. According to the Detroit Free Press’ Helene St. James, he skated over to the boards and watched the rest of practice, declining to speak with reporters after it.

"That's a tough thing," Daniel Alfredsson told the Freep, "because he really wanted to catch Loui on the breakaway and threw himself down, and Henrik was trying to make the save, and they just pummeled each other. We can laugh at it now because it wasn't too serious, but it gave everybody a big scare."

Karlsson was, understandably, contrite after the incident.

“I said sorry 500 times approximately,” Karlsson told Sportbladet. “But I think it went well. It was probably me who got hurt the most.”

A team doctor told Sportbladet that Lundqvist is "fine."

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