Did EA Sports spoil Marty Brodeur winning NHL 14 cover at E3?

In late May, EA announced that their NHL 14 cover vote competition had come down to goaltenders Martin Brodeur and Sergei Bobrovsky. They have yet to announce which of the backstops won the gig.

At least not officially. Unofficially, however, all signs (and one very important banner) point to Brodeur. Via Jeff Bakalar, the above banner is hanging at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in LA, where EA debuted the NHL 14 trailer two days ago.

This banner surfaced on Wednesday, fuelling early speculation that Brodeur had won the vote, but @VoteBrodeur pointed out that EA had released preliminary cover art for both players:

On Thursday, however, observant fans noticed that, while Brodeur had a banner, Sergei Bobrovsky did not. Maybe they just forgot it in the van?

If not, well, we're no detectives, but it seems like, if there was a chance Bobrovsky might be on your video game cover, you'd make sure you made him a banner. The secret might be out.

EA is expected to announce which of the two players made the cover in the next week or so. When it's Brodeur, act surprised, I guess.