Alexander Semin scores amazing no-look goal from his tummy (Video)

Alexander Semin scores amazing no-look goal from his tummy (Video)

It’s been a less than memorable season for the highly paid, sometimes healthy scratched, Alexander Semin. However, during Sunday’s 7-4 victory over the Edmonton Oilers, the Carolina Hurricane created a moment that’s going live on highlight reels for a while.

After receiving a pass from Riley Nash, Semin skates to the front of the net where he’s dragged down by Edmonton’s Rob Klinkammer. While on his belly - facing the opposite end of the ice - he flings the puck past Oilers net minder Richard Bachman. Take a look!


It would be almost impossible to recreate that play in another game. Everything was perfect.

The goal, Semin’s fourth of the season, served as a rallying point for the Hurricanes, who were down 3-0 at the time. The ‘Canes went on to score SIX (6!!) straight before Edmonton could answer. The game ended 7-4.

As said earlier, it’s been a rough season for Semin. He’s played in only 40 games, and has been healthy scratched for a least a dozen. His future with Carolina is in doubt, but at least he’s got this cool goal that will play in Carolina long after he’s gone.

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