Woman alleges she was raped in 2014 by current Baylor player

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Another woman has come forward to allege she was sexually assaulted by a member of the Baylor football team.

A woman KCEN TV identified as "Ally" told the station that she was sexually assaulted in the spring of 2014 by a current member of the team. She was a freshman that year and went to the campus health clinic the morning after the alleged incident occurred. Ally also said that she's afraid of retaliation from his friends and family.

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From KCEN:

“I agreed to kiss him, I didn't think that from that it would escalate to him being on top of me and completely disregarding anything that was coming out of my mouth,” said Ally.  

Afterward, she walked home, went to bed, then woke up screaming.  A friend took her to the health clinic on campus the next morning.  She told the doctor what happened but didn't want the word ‘rape’ or ‘rape kit’ on her medical record.  The doctor told her she could put it down as a regular office visit, gave her information on pregnancy and STD's, and said ‘good luck.’  

I wanted, I guess, guidance and more information on what I could do besides 'here's to make sure you're not pregnant, here's to make sure you don't have STD’s' and that never solved the problem that was still out there, the potential danger for other girls,” said Ally.

She also told the station she tries to avoid the player she said sexually assaulted her. Ally is currently a senior at Baylor. The incident has not been reported to police or campus officials, though the report said she is "considering" doing so.

Ally believes the “football” part of her story is part of what has silenced her, and her university, regarding rape.  She said she called the counseling department once, but felt the football aspect shied them away from doing more for her.

“You know, it seemed like something they (the doctor and counselor) didn't want to attack, they didn't want to address,” said Ally.

The allegations reported by KCEN – including an accusation by another woman that she was raped by someone who is not a member of the football team – come two days after a woman said she was planning to file a Title IX suit against the school. The woman planning the suit said she was assaulted multiple times by a now-former Baylor player and that coaches, including former head coach Art Briles knew.

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Devin Chafin, the player accused by Dolores Lozano, admitted he "grabbed" her and that he told assistant coach Jeff Lebby because he needed to vent. Chafin said he didn't know if Lebby told Briles. Waco Police said Lozano did not cooperate with their attempts at an investigation.

Briles was fired two weeks ago after an outside law firm concluded its investigation into the way Baylor had handled allegations of sexual assault. The report released shortly after Briles' firing said the school's student conduct processes were "wholly inadequate" and "football coaches and staff took affirmative steps to maintain internal control over discipline of players and to actively divert cases from the student conduct or criminal processes."

Ken Starr was removed from his post as president and resigned as chancellor following the release of the report. Starr said he was unaware of any on-campus accusations of sexual assault in his time as Baylor president even though multiple sexual assaults were reported during his tenure. When asked about an email sent to him in 2015 by a woman who said she was raped by a former football player in a later interview, Starr bumbled and stumbled his way through three different answers to the question.

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