VOD: UMass calls on the law to offer walk-on’s scholarships

We've seen a couple coaches make a big deal out of awarding scholarships to deserving walk-ons, but UMass' walk-on scholarship presentation is definitely the best we've seen.

Over the summer (the video was posted Tuesday), two police officers walked into a UMass football meeting and said they had paperwork for junior linebacker Rob O'Connor and redshirt sophomore defensive lineman Daniel Maynes. Both players stood up and walked uneasily toward the police, not knowing exactly what they did. They're handed envelopes and while they're trying to decide whether to open them, the contents of the envelopes are revealed to the rest of the team room.

Once the players do open the envelopes the scene is pretty amazing. The entire team cheers, there are hugs and mass pandemonium. It's the type of excitement that should come with watching a guy get rewarded for working his tail off.

Well done, UMass. This is by far the most creative scholarship presentation we've seen.

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