Video: Kansas duo falls flat in basketball challenge

Everyone's favorite Kansas football players, Daymond Patterson and A.J. Steward, are back with the second installment of their popular YouTube series "D.P. and A.J. take on KU."

This week, Patterson and Steward challenge Thomas Robinson and Travis Releford of the KU basketball team to a game of "KANSAS." It's like "HORSE" only they spell out Kansas instead.

The only rule the football players have is no dunks, so the game is a series of several ridiculous 3-pointers, some of which are airballed. Steward, who refers to himself as A.J. Barea (after Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea), keeps the football duo in the game. Patterson has a much tougher time sinking his shots and ultimately ends up the weaker link of the two. He does make one shot he dubs, "Mario's Miracle" after the national championship shot Mario Chalmers made against Memphis to send the game into overtime, but the basketball duo quickly matches it.

After falling behind three letters, Patterson and Steward make a pretty miraculous comeback, but ** SPOILER ALERT ** lose in the end.

As with the first video, where Patterson and Steward defeat a couple members of the women's soccer team in a shootout, there are several funny lines, including one at the end when Steward lay face first on the court and yells, "I feel like the tournament," mocking Kansas' loss to VCU in the NCAA Tournament in March.

Both Patterson and Steward were pretty downtrodden after the defeat, which makes me wonder if we'll be seeing any other videos. There are several other sports the duo could challenge. It's still a long summer.

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