Now Joe Paterno’s memorial service can be part of your DVD collection

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Joe Paterno's memorial service is coming to DVD.

The legendary coach's son, Scott, issued a statement Monday announcing that the Paterno family was going to sell DVD's of the service "soon" through a yet-to-be-created website. All the money generated from sales of the DVD's will be given to an undisclosed charity. Paterno also didn't say for how much each DVD would sell.

Paterno's memorial service, which drew about 12,000 fans and was seen by many more on television and online, was a tough ticket to come by. The athletic department released 10,000 free tickets and they were sold out in 7 minutes. Other tickets found their way to eBay, but the posting was quickly taken down.

The memorial featured speakers representing every decade Paterno was a head coach as well as others who were close with Paterno, including Nike chairman Phil Knight, who was the most outspoken of all of the speakers. His speech drew several standing ovations as he defended Paterno, who had been fired for not doing enough to report the misdeeds of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky after being told that he was sexually abusing a young boy in the Penn State locker room showers.

Another key speaker was Paterno's other son, Jay, a longtime Penn State assistant coach who gave the last and most tear-jerking speech of the service.

The memorial also featured several video highlighting not only Paterno as a football coach, but also as a father and a member of the Penn State community.

Paterno died Jan. 22 from lung cancer.

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