NCAA clears Washington in Tosh Lupoi academics case

The NCAA has cleared Washington of all wrongdoing following a six-week investigation into whether former assistant Tosh Lupoi paid for the tutoring of a recruit.

Washington president Michael Young received a letter from Tom Hosty, the NCAA’s Director of Enforcement, notifying the school that it had been cleared, but reserved the right to look at the case again if new information surfaced.

In December, a high school assistant track and field coach name Mike Davis claimed Lupoi had given him $4,500 for tutoring and online services in order to get defensive lineman Andrew Basham eligible.

Basham did sign with the Huskies in February 2013, but was never academically ineligible.

The NCAA and a Washington official met with Davis and his wife for more than five hours as part of the investigation.

Lupoi called the allegation untrue, but Washington decided to part ways with him anyway. Lupoi was given $300,000 as part of a separation agreement. He is currently unemployed.

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Graham Watson

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