Montee Ball sets FBS record for most career touchdowns (VIDEO)

The college football career touchdown record probably doesn't get the hoopla it deserves.

The most basic goal of all football players is to get in the end zone, and nobody in FBS history has done that more often than Wisconsin running back Montee Ball.

Ball broke the record, set by Miami (Ohio) running back Travis Prentice (perhaps that's why this record isn't celebrated as much as it should be ... could you have guessed Prentice held that record?), with a 17-yard run wide right in the first quarter against Penn State. That was Ball's 79th touchdown.

The play was really an example of how much Ball's teammates have helped him get those 79 scores. The blocking on the perimeter was tremendous and Ball wasn't touched on the play. He did a nice job to stay in bounds to get the final few yards and the record. Wisconsin running backs now hold two of the most important records in FBS history. Ron Dayne has more rushing yards than any other FBS player.

Ball has had a tremendous career, and has followed up his 39-touchdown junior season with 18 and counting as a senior this year. Considering Ball had just four touchdowns as a freshman, it's remarkable he has scored more touchdowns than any other player who has played FBS college football.

It's a record that should be celebrated as the incredible feat it is.

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