Mississippi State safety gives unsanitary new meaning to ‘between the hedges’

When you gotta go, you gotta go, and Mississippi State defensive back Nickoe Whitley did just that Saturday in the Bulldogs' 24-10 loss at Georgia — relieving himself on the famed hedges lining the sidelines of Sanford Stadium.

Give Whitley credit: At least he's trying to be respectful about it. He used a trashcan for a little bit of privacy and is cautious looking around for peeping eyes (must have missed that camera lens, though).

Seems like there's something about Sanford Stadium that seems to incite bathroom breaks. In 2009, Auburn brought its own makeshift commode to the sidelines.

After all, what's a player to do? Not a lot of guys have time to go back into the locker room during a game, so sometimes, you have to make due with what available. We ain't mad at 'cha, Nickoe ... well, maybe Georgia fans are.

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