Minnesota bids for postseason relevance by unveiling… new helmets?

Dr. Saturday

Minnesota took another tumble into the Big Ten cellar this season, but a 3-9 record doesn't mean the Gophers can't attempt to stay in the spotlight during bowl season. The team just released pictures of the new helmets it plans to wear for the 2012 season and what's better, it made a video with the players breaking down the design.

"This helmet in college football, I can't even lie to you, this is sweet, man. This is too sweet," backup quarterback Dexter Foreman said. "Champions got to look like champions. You've got to look the part. The best thing about it that really caught my eye is the texture of the helmet. Man, it's live."

OK, while these are nice helmets, there's nothing exceptionally flashy about them. The shape of the helmet is a little different from the old Gopher domes and the color is a dull maroon instead of a shiny one. But the overall look is pretty much the same as the helmet the Gophers wore this season.

Minnesota did milk its helmet announcement for all it could get by releasing small "hint" pictures every day since last Wednesday. Each day a new portion of the helmet was revealed leading up to Monday's big unveiling. The team also made a "tease" video where several players watch as the infamous helmet is pulled out of a box only we never actually see the helmet. The players "ooo" and "ahh" as we all wonder, much like Brad Pitt in the movie "Seven," "What's in the box?!?"

The rest of the uniform is set to be released in January.

At least the Minnesota players didn't give us some way-over-the-top reaction like Ohio when it was told it was getting black uniforms. Seriously, like young girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

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