Mike London uses LinkedIn to recruit at Virginia

Many coaches use Facebook and Twitter as recruiting tools, but if a recruit wants to go to Virginia, he better have his resume and professional profile up to par.

Virginia coach Mike London told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that he uses LinkedIn, which advertises itself as the World's Largest Professional Network, to recruit.

"I'm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and you name it," London told the paper. "We're Skyping and doing all those things. If it's allowable by the NCAA, then you can use every Social Network means necessary to get your messages across … You will find out more about guys on Facebook and Twitter sometimes than you will having a 10-minute conversation with them because a lot of times they will let their guard down and show a side maybe you haven't thought about before. Social Media networks are now something that are very prevalent in recruiting."

LinkedIn is like Facebook except it's used mostly be professionals seeking employment. Not sure how many recruits are rocking a LinkedIn profile these days. However, many people want to consider college football a fulltime job and pay student-athletes for their time. Perhaps recruiting via LinkedIn is a social networking political statement.

Or maybe London was just naming every social media outlet he could in an effort to cover his bases. You do have to feel for all those guys still stuck on MySpace and Friendster, though. They never get any offers.

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