This Halloween, Brock Osweiler is a dead ringer for his head coach

Thank you, Brock Osweiler ,for getting into the spirit of Halloween

The Arizona State quarterback came to his weekly press conference dressed as his coach, Dennis Erickson, who was also speaking at the presser.

Confusing? Not really. Osweiler nailed the shirt, glasses and visor. The only thing the 20-year-old quarterback was missing was about 44 years.

Osweiler is becoming known for his quirkiness during Monday press conferences. In September, he actually started his presser with a trivia question.

Osweiler's humorous Halloween costume was one of the few floating around the World Wide Interweb today, which is probably just as well considering the Halloween drama the NHL is enduring right now. We will say this much for Osweiler: His spoof of his head coach is much stronger than Justin Boren's epic fail as Rich Rodriguez.

Curtsy (female version of a hat tip) to @SparkyArizonaSt

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