Dillan Lawson commits to Florida, but professes love for Alabama

Dr. Saturday

Dillan Lawson must be a little confused.

The Crestview (Fla.) High linebacker recently committed to Florida following the Gators' junior day despite having a profuse and profound love of Alabama and a bad image of the University of Florida.

"I mean I was born and raised in Alabama," Lawson told Gator Nation. "I have an Alabama tattoo on my chest. That's the reason why. I'm just an Alabama fan. That's all there is about it. I mean Alabama is my dream school, off the top, No. 1. I told coach Will [Muschamp], 'Coach I was a Gator fan when I was in Alabama, they were like my second favorite team. But when I moved to Florida I saw how cocky and crazy these Gator fans where, so that kind of turned me away from Florida.' I told him that."

But, with all that said, Lawson did an about-face when he visited the Florida campus, the facilities and the stadium and decided that perhaps being a Gator wouldn't be that bad. Oh, and it probably helped that he didn't have an offer from Alabama.

"When I walked out on that field in The Swamp it was just crazy, it was phenomenal," Lawson said. "I just felt like I can play there, with all those people looking at me. I got chill bumps when I walked out of that tunnel. I was like, 'Dang, I can do this.' I really underestimated Florida. I guess you don't need to underestimate anyone until you see it for yourself, and I did. I really like the University of Florida."

Lawson said he had an opportunity to go to Alabama's junior day, but it was on the same day as Florida's. However, he said despite his commitment, he still plans to shop around, including a trip to see the Tide.

I guess he owes Alabama that much, he does have a tattoo of the school logo on his chest. I wonder how, if he stays with Florida, that will play in the locker room?

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