Daniel Tosh’s ongoing Saban hate draws the ire of Alabama fans

Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central Tosh.0, often goes out of his way to take shots at Alabama coach Nick Saban. It's a running joke on the show thanks to two Alabama grads (and diehard Crimson Tide football supporters) on the writing staff and Tosh's love of the Miami Dolphins, the team Saban quit after two years to become head coach at Alabama.

Once, Tosh took a sword to the head of a Saban Fathead. He's also proclaimed his hatred for Saban many times on the show.

Well, on Tuesday, Tosh might have let his vitriol toward Saban get the best of him. While asking viewers to donate money toward Alabama's tornado relief, Tosh said: "Apparently God hates Nick Saban more than I do," while showing a picture of a destroyed house in the background. He also made several other comments about Alabamans, which, again, are a part of the mean-spirited shtick of the show.

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Of course, Tosh's comments earned a mixed reaction from those in Alabama.

Curtsy (female version of the hat tip) to SbB

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