Clemson won't charge for student tickets in 2016

Clemson students don't have to worry about paying for good seats at football games in 2016.

The school tabled a proposal that would have charged students if they wanted to sit in the lower level of the stadium. The fee would have been $225 and would guarantee students lower-level seats for the entirety of the season.

Upper-deck tickets would have still been free on a first-come, first-serve basis. The student-body elect told the Charleston Post and Courier at the time of the proposal in April that it was like segregating the stadium based on socioeconomic status.

Mind you, that's kind of what happens when a team charges more for seats with a better view.

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While they're getting to go to games free in 2016, Clemson students are getting pinched regarding other fees, however. Perhaps some of them would have preferred a football surcharge vs. other ideas? From The State:

Undergraduates from South Carolina will pay an extra 3.14 percent, or $218 on average per semester, while out-of-staters will pay an extra 4.27 percent, or $700 per semester on average. That translates to per semester averages of $7,159 for tuition and student fees for in-staters, and $17,100 for out-of-staters.

Meal plans will rise 4 percent per semester on average, from $1,860 to $1,940, and housing will go up an average of 6 percent, from $2,698 to $2,865.

Clemson opens the season on the road against Auburn. The team's home-opener is against Troy on September 10.

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