Baylor introduces in-game app to allow in-house fans to see instant replays on their phones

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Players walk to Baylor's McLane Stadium (@BUfootball)

Baylor's McLane Stadium

Players walk to Baylor's McLane Stadium (@BUfootball)

As part of Baylor’s $260 million McLane Stadium project, the university announced Monday that it was introducing an in-game app that would allow fans in the stadium to see instant replays from multiple angles on their phones and other wireless devices.

The in-game app also will provide real-time stats and other team information.

"The Baylor In-Game app will be Baylor fans' one-stop shop in McLane Stadium for anything and everything they need to know about Baylor football,” said John Garrison, assistant athletic director for marketing at Baylor. “Fans will have access to video on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices, and they can watch the same program feed that is on the stadium video board, or they can choose from other cameras that will be streaming live all the time. It is like having your DVR remote on your phone where you can watch replays and highlights from your seat in the stadium."

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The stadium also will have a “robust Wi-Fi-network” that will allow fans to post to social media, check their email or do whatever their want to do on their phones while in McLane. Hopefully, fans will still want to watch the game live and not just on their wireless devices.

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