Two high school seniors combine for a rare double alley-oop

Memphis-bound Jelan Kendrick and Georgia Southern signee Eric Ferguson are already such accomplished dunkers that the Web is littered with footage of their best above-the-rim slams.

It's safe to say, however, that this ridiculous clip is the most unique of any out there.(Video is courtesy to Joe Davis of

Dunk of the Year? @ Yahoo! Video

The lob is from Loyola Marymount-bound teammate Anthony Ireland, who leads a fast break in Saturday's title game of the Nike Tournament of Champions in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Both Kendrick and Ferguson rise up to slam it home at the same time, sharing an awkward yet awesome moment as both hang face-to-face from the rim.

The dunk was enough to draw an audible gasp from the crowd and an "Oh My God" from the public-address announcer. I'm calling it "the double alley-oop" for now, but feel free to offer some more creative name suggestions.

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