Looks like Marcus Jordan blew $56,000 in a single day in Vegas

Neither Marcus nor Jeffrey Jordan inherited their father's full repertoire of skills on the basketball court, but it appears Michael Jordan did pass down at least one of his trademark characteristics to his sons.

Based on a series of headline-making, recently deleted Tweets that Marcus posted Thursday and Friday nights, he and his older brother burn through money in Las Vegas just as fast as their famous father.

Marcus and Jeffrey visited Sin City last week along with Central Florida teammate A.J. Rompza during the Michael Jordan's fantasy basketball camp at the Mirage Resort Casino.

In a Tweet posted Thursday night, Marcus wrote "Spent $21k at Liquid (the pool)... Tonight should be worse!!" Sure enough, another Tweet from Marcus the next morning suggests the brothers dipped even further into their trust funds by spending almost twice that much the previous night at Haze, the nightclub at Aria Resort & Casino.

It's probably not wise for anyone to write about their Vegas exploits on Twitter -- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for a reason -- but it was especially foolish of Marcus to share this info with the rest of the world. Whereas his older brother and Rompza are both of legal drinking age, Marcus just turned 20 years old.

Most of us will never know what it's like to drop that much money in a single night in Las Vegas, but it's probably safe to assume you're not spending $21,000 at a pool to swim or $35,000 at a club to dance. Maybe it's possible to buy $56,000 worth of O'Douls and Shirley Temples, but we doubt it.

Of course, this isn't Marcus' first foray into the headlines. He cost Central Florida its shoe deal when he refused to wear adidas sneakers last season, and he also created a stir this summer when he Tweeted during the NBA Finals that Kobe Bryant isn't "anywhere near close" to as good as Michael Jordan.


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