Kansas basketball players subject of peers' puppet spoof

If you're one of the nearly 97 million people who in the last four years has clicked on and watched the Potter Puppet Pals' viral sensation, "The Mysterious Ticking Noise," then the video below will make perfect sense to you.

If you're not one of them (and, I have to admit, I wasn't one of them before about six hours ago), then you might be moderately creeped out by it.

Either way, here's the spoof put together by members of the Kansas women's golf and volleyball teams, involving the names and oversized cardboard heads of five KU basketball players.

OK, so the story behind the video …

It was put together as the two teams' entry into the KU athletic department's sixth annual installment of its talent and variety show — Jayrock 2011 — with skits put on by several of the school's teams.

The volleyball team took home first place in the event, and you've got to give those girls some credit.

It's easy to sway the voting by tying your skit in with the men's basketball team — the school's biggest athletic draw. But how about the details? The two portraying Marcus and Markieff Morris even drew some tattoos onto their upper arms for authenticity.

Bravo, ladies. I'm only half-creeped out.

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