Want a NASCAR chassis? An old COT wing? Here’s your chance

Ever dreamed of having a NASCAR show car to call your own? Or wondered if you could have a COT wing after they were replaced by the spoilers that are on the current cars?

Well, if you've got some spare cash lying around, you're in luck. Richard Childress Racing is auctioning off some equipment and parts on December 6. (We hear that driveshafts make great Christmas presents.)

Some of the items up for bid include the car chassis , an old Clint Bowyer or Casey Mears era Jack Daniel's show car without the drive train, random car parts and even a copier and an ice maker. RCR is downsizing from four Sprint Cup teams to three after the departure of Bowyer to Michael Waltrip Racing.

If you want some of the stuff, you can sign up at the auction site. We're thinking that this may be a great time to finally go through with our threats to start our own NASCAR team. There seem to be plenty of qualified drivers available.

(If you participate in the online auction or head on over in person, drop us a line. We'd love to see the gas can you purchase.)

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