Richard Childress: New ’3′ wine, no comment on Kurt

Richard Childress, in addition to being a tough ol' coot, is also a man of refined tastes, refined enough that he's got his own vineyards. He's rolled out a new wine entitled "3," after, of course, the iconic number that Dale Earnhardt drove for him for many years. (Wonder if it features subtle notes of race fuel amid a bouquet of burnt rubber. Suggested slogan: "It'll rattle your cage!")

Anyway, Childress was hawking his wine at a Kroger in Forest, Virginia on Wednesday. Credit to the local news reporter, he actually asked Childress a quality question: would RCR Racing consider bringing aboard Kurt Busch?

Of course, the answer was pretty much what you'd expect: "I'm not even gonna go there because I've known Kurt for a long time and he's a in a tough situation right now," Childress said. "So I'm not even gonna comment on that."

Yeah, that's pretty much what we'd have expected. If you do get hired, Kurt, don't get Childress mad enough to take off his watch. That never ends well.

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