The NASCAR World Cup: Edwards takes the trophy

Congratulations are in order to Carl Edwards, who won the fabled and historic trophy from the NASCAR World Cup by virtue of his 10th place finish.

He and his opponent, Tony Stewart, seemed to be only a few positions apart for most of the evening, but Stewart's late race fade saw him slip to 16th.

"If I don't win the Chase, the NASCAR World Cup is a great consolation prize," Edwards said. "It gives us great momentum heading into these final 10 races and the trophy is going to look great on the pit box with Bob Osborne."*

The NASCAR World Cup tophy was designed with inspiration from famed NASCAR artist Sam Bass. It's replicated off of the actual World Cup, and the solid gold trophy replaces the world with a scaled, authentic rubber Goodyear Eagle and features glossy poses from NASCAR Superstar Danica Patrick.

"This is the best looking trophy I've ever seen," Edwards said.*

Once Stewart saw the trophy, he was heartbroken that he finished 16th.

"Man, I'm jealous of Carl," Stewart said. "That trophy would look great at Eldora."*

When asked about the previous six weeks, Stewart pointed to one thing: consistency.

"I think consistency," Stewart said. "You could go out and win four or five races and have one bad day and lose the championship."

*No, those are not real quotes, save for Stewart's final one about the Chase, not the World Cup.

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