Fox News reporter takes a drive in the name of diversity

Being a news reporter does have its perks. You get to go to strange places and meet interesting people. Recently, Laura Ingle of FOX got to find out first-hand what it's like to wheel a stock car:

Ingle got the opportunity to sample the NASCAR dream at Pocono while dutifully doing her research on a story about diversity in NASCAR. From Laura Ingle of Fox News:

NASCAR is teaming up with BET Networks for an inside look at what it takes to become a NASCAR driver with a new docu-series called "Changing Lanes." Like many other reality-based TV shows, competitors live in the same big house, and work on achieving their goals with cameras rolling every step of the way.

Hmmmm, I'm wondering how this will work. Will the drivers get to vote each other out of the show? Will there be intrigue and mayhem, one of those last-person-standing-wins type of scenarios? Will Donald Trump find a way to become involved? Tune in to find out!