Four Wide: Bill Elliott's still planning on racing in 2010

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Bill Elliott "don't feel no different than he did in his 30s," and bless him for that. Every year could use a little more Awesome Bill from Dawsonville. []

• These days, NASCAR drivers face their biggest dangers off the track. No more basketball, Frisbee or golf cart riding for you, drivers! [All Left Turns]

• Wait a second ... are the tracks making more money than we thought? Are they taking in a lot more cash than we all expected? Hang on a second! I want some money back! [Racin' Today]

• A Q&A with Kyle Petty about his expanded role at SPEED. No questions about the ponytail, alas. [Catchfence]

• The New York Times weighs in on Danica. The verdict? She'll have a tough time. [New York Times]

Joey Logano will run a God of War III car this March. Sweet! [Playstation LifeStyle]

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