With four races until the Chase, some hope for Junior fans

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Great little statistical tidbit here uncovered by Rowdy.com's Bass Masters: the final four tracks in the NASCAR regular season set up extraordinarily well for Dale Earnhardt Jr., currently ninth in the points standings.

The next four tracks on the schedule are Michigan, Bristol, Atlanta and Richmond. And so let's now take a look at Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s best tracks, by finishing position:

1. Bristol (Average finish 11.5, one win)
2. Atlanta (Average finish 12.5, one win)
4. Richmond (Average finish 14.3, three wins)
9. Michigan (Average finish 15.9, one win)

For reference, here's how they shake out for Earnhardt's primary rival, Tony Stewart:

5. Richmond (Average finish 11.0, three wins)
7. Atlanta (Average finish 11.6, three wins)
8. Michigan (Average finish 11.6, one win)
24. Bristol (Average finish 17.0, one win)

Of course, Stewart's best track is Watkins Glen, where he has an average finish of 7.1, and we saw how that turned out on Monday. So, yeah, there's still hope for Earnhardt to make the Chase. Don't say we never did anything for ya, Junior Nation.

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