Fireball Cup: Jeff Gordon leads a still-tame competition

Catching up with our year-long Fireball Cup competition, recognizing excellence in the field of NASCAR brawling. And through five races, it's been a pretty damn boring season, frankly. We could use some more anger and fist-throwing; everybody's just too darn calm these days.

Recall our rules, which can and do change on a whim:

• Verbal/Twitter exchange; slightly aggressive driving leading to issues: 1 point
• Bumping cars in an aggressive, making-a-point fashion: 2 points
• Spin, non-critical: 3 points
• Spin, critical: 4 points
• Out of car, punches thrown: 5 points

Fireball Cup stats, Bristol and California:

Jeff Gordon: 1 point for jawing at Dale Earnhardt Jr. over a flat tire. (Bristol)
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: 1 point for overly aggressive driving that knocked out Gordon. (Bristol)
Kevin Harvick: 1 point for threatening to put Tony Stewart in the wall. (California)

So that gives us the following standings:

Jeff Gordon, 4 points
Dale Earnhardt Jr., 3 points
Kevin Harvick, 1 point
Matt Kenseth, 1 point
Joey Logano, 1 point
Ryan Newman, 1 point
Danica Patrick, 1 point
David Ragan, 1 point

With Martinsville on the horizon, we should have plenty more opportunity to add to these totals. Come on, guys! Step it up!

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