A collection of NASCAR holiday gifts, part 1

It's the holiday season, and that means we're at the farthest point possible between the end of one NASCAR season and the start of the next. But does that mean we should just nap and forget NASCAR? Heck no! Save that nap for the middle of the Pocono races! Here, we've got a whole ton of NASCAR holiday goodness, broken up into two (and maybe more) monstrous posts. (Got more? Hit us up at jay.busbee@yahoo.com.) Ho ho ho, and away we go!

The Intimidator Mega-Ornament (above). Gotta love an ornament that's the size of the freaking Death Star hanging off your tree. You'll need reinforcements to hold up the tree for this one. Plus, dig on the little E car running circles around it! Amazing! Brings a whiff of the Intimidator into your home all season long!

More follows below...

The Jeff Gordon sleigh. Check it out! Santa's a 24 fan! And probably even more so now that Rainbow is running with an AARP sponsorship. Of course, your sled may have problems everywhere but Texas. Your presents may show up much later than you expected them. And they might be cherrypicked by Jimmie Johnson. But hey, all that's to be expected, right? Be thankful for what you've got.

Jimmie Johnson light-up lawn car. And speaking of Jimmie Johnson, who wouldn't love a gargantuan Jimmie Johnson lawn behemoth like this? It lights up the sky with five-time excellence! Just don't be too surprised if the FedEx truck "accidentally" runs this one over.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tree lights! How awesome are these little beauties? A string of lights that look so pretty and might even work the way they're supposed to one night out of the 12 of Christmas!

Not a bad haul, all the way around. More coming on Christmas Eve!

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