Check out your NASCAR heroes on an episode of ‘The Glades’

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

On Sunday night, several of NASCAR's biggest names took a cameo turn on the TV show "The Glades," and they did a reasonably good job playing themselves. Check out the full video of the show right here; here's a quick breakdown.

The based-in-Miami cop show leads off with a Camaro driving 130 mph, and no, it's not Kyle Busch. In the trunk is the dead body of Cole Hunter, a crew member of NASCAR driver Trey Lancer, the driver of the No. 74 Ritz something-or-other. So who killed Cole? Was it Trey? The two-timing girlfriend? The Teresa Earnhardt-esque team owner? Chad Knaus? (Knaus, we can rule out because the dead guy isn't one of his own crew.)

Anyway, the lead cop, Jim Longworth, wanders Homestead Speedway in search of answers, and runs smack into the NASCAR subculture, from transporters to hot passes to wafflebellies. (You know, the ladies on the other side of the garage's chain-link fence who scream so hard for drivers that they end up with waffle imprints on their bellies.) And several of your favorite NASCAR guys get a turn onstage:

Brian Vickers, hot blonde in tow, offers up the truism "It's NASCAR. You gotta play by their rules."

Tony Stewart "fired" the crew guy who later ended up dead, and gets off the best line of the episode. I won't spoil it, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans won't be happy.

Joey Logano plays an obliging, friendly driver with creepy accuracy, although he flagrantly violates the "no-autographs" rule on the sign above.

Carl Edwards is the best actor of the bunch, engaging in a little who's-on-first routine with the detective.

It's worth checking out; any TV show that references Fireball Roberts is worth a look, even if the Southern accents on it wouldn't pass any kind of inspection. Give us your review below.

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