Video stupidity: Chuck Liddell is smarter than a TMZ ‘journalist’

TMZ loves Chuck Liddell and he seems to like the gossip site. Liddell provided a comedic moment without even realizing he was in on a joke. Watch a TMZ staffer get blasted for not knowing the difference between "fornicating" and "defecating."

If you'd like to ask Liddell about dropping a deuce or anything else, you can find him this weekend at Miracle Mile behind Planet Hollywood.

"The Iceman" has a meet and greet at the Las Vegas Fight Shop inside the Miracle Mile. Just before UFC 130 goes down a few properties to the south on the Las Vegas strip, Liddell will be on the scene from Noon-2. Look for Cagewriter as well. We'll be lurking.

Liddell isn't the only fighter out and about this week. Carlos Condit, Kyle Noke and UFC Octagon girl Chandella will be at the LV Fight Shop's Fashion Show Mall location from Noon-2 on Friday.

On Saturday, Urijah Faber and Joe Benavidez are signing at a Cox Cable office in nearby Henderson.

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