Reader rants: Cagereaders sound off on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ ratings, Benson Henderson and Strikeforce

Though there haven't been a ton of huge fights lately, the MMA news never stops. This keeps our Cagereaders talking all the time. They posted their thoughts on Cagewriter's Facebook page. If you want to show up in a future reader rants, like the page and then speak up. Thank you as always for reading and sharing your thoughts!

No one is particularly surprised that ratings are so bad on "The Ultimate Fighter."

The reason it is plummeting is because of the time slot. Why in the hell would you put it on a Friday night time slot when your core viewers are not usually at home. Dana White should have left it on Spike TV at the same time slot. -- Timothy Carlson

As the article states, it used to be must watch for me, because I needed a fight fix. There are so many events now, that I don't HAVE to watch TUF. I even miss many events, which use to be unheard of for me. -- Randy Huey

Benson Henderson said he was similar to Nick Diaz, but readers did not agree.

Only thing in common is that they are great mixed martial artists, as people. Probably night and day. -- Gabriel Martinez

Oh my GOD...not even close. For one, Henderson has CLASS, something the whole Diaz clan will never possess. -- Gavin McClements

After Gilbert Melendez was injured, the Strikeforce cancellation disappointed Cagereaders.

Strikeforce has become the joke of all MMA ... Titan is a more respectable organization.. They will be folded as soon as this Showtime deal ends.. They are done... You can't cherry pick 2/3 of the best fighters from an organization and expect it to survive... -- Jason Telier

It goes back to the depth problem in SF. They only have a few, and I mean very few, headline worthy stars. Melendez and Rousey have enough pull to get people to watch, but without them it's unfortunately a lot of unknown fighters who people won't be interested to watch. -- Gabriel Martinez

One reader is not pleased by the idea of a Silva-GSP bout, which has been floated recently:

It's disappointing to hear that the UFC is taking steps toward making a "super" fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. I just don't see how any reasonable fan could think that's a compelling fight, and I don't understand why they don't make more of an effort to get Jon Jones v. Anderson Silva to be a reality. They're the same size and they finish fights. Both are creative and effective strikers and both have shown they have great ground skills and submissions. Moreover, both have, but for one disqualification loss each, obliterated almost all opponents. I love Georges St. Pierre, but he can't finish like they can, plus I think there's plenty of stiff competition for him at welterweight. Further, the UFC would be asking him to fight at a weight he's never fought at before. Even if it's a catchweight it's still different. And who is the first person he's going to fight at a brand new weight? Anderson Silva. Are you kidding? He's giving up so much in size and wingspan it's almost laughable. Plus we all have seen how St. Pierre has turned into the ultimate strategist. He's a cautious fighter. And we've also seen how Silva reacts when a fighter is hesitant and doesn't engage: Silva starts dancing around and mocking them. Who wants to watch St. Pierre, the posterboy of the UFC, get mocked in the Octagon? I sure don't and I think Jones v. Silva, for all the above-noted reasons, makes the most sense and would be a true fight for the ages. -- Michael Angelo Ilaria